Social Responsibility

Argentina Lithium & Energy Corp.’s (“Argentina Lithium”) management knows that there is a right way and a wrong way to operate. Doing it right builds long term trust among communities and decision-makers and reduces key business risks.

The business of mining carries great responsibility for the well being of communities that surround our operations and to the protection of the environment. Argentina Lithium is committed to corporate social responsibility and safeguarding the environment as key core values of our business. We have effectively over many years of operation experienced few community issues because of our comprehensive practices that have allowed us the privilege to operate consistently over 28 years in South America.

Argentina Lithium’s commitment encompasses:

  • Respect and preservation of local customs, traditions, heritage
  • Timely and frequent consultation and transparent communication
  • Environmental protection and risk management
  • Health, safety and education
  • Sustainable economic development that ensures the welfare of all
  • Accountability and fulfillment of commitments

Through decades of commitment, consultation and collaboration with communities and local governments, Argentina Lithium is known and trusted as a responsible mining exploration company. Our practices form part of our vision and day-to-day actions to foster long term relationships with communities, local governments and all stakeholders through responsible sustainable practices.